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I start with an extensive online survey, followed by a personal interview. What is your history? Where are your passions? What's driving you to succeed?


With that information, I get to work making the big picture plan of how to get you from where you are now, to what defines your success. The big picture is then broken down into small two to four week blocks of specific training.


The link shows up in your mailbox, it is your next training block. You login, read the plan, absorb it and then lace up the shoes; time to do the work. After each workout, I take your feedback to refine the next training cycle.


Our rates are based on a subscription value, with the monthly cost decreasing with a longer subscription term.













Dwayne Sandall - Head Coach, Trail Run Manitoba co-founder

Dwayne began coaching in 2003 as a volunteer with the YMCA in Winnipeg. Since then, he has put his background in research and adult education to use in his own development to become a better athlete and coach.

Since that first session helping adult athletes become runners or better runners, he has worked with hundreds of athletes, giving them the tools to smash their goals. He believes that running is such a pure sport; there are no short cuts; putting the work in leads to results. His challenge, and success, is knowing how to put the workouts together so you can achieve your goals.

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